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Innoquii  -  By  Superdoll-Sybarite    By Rosina Haskell

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A new doll line by Superfock With the success of  Sybarites, Superdoll has come up with another doll, This all began late in 2008 the launch of the new Innoquii dolls, these are a series of 4 dolls that are somewhat different firstly they are made of porcelain and are 14" in height also they are strung dolls, with of course there fully articulated limbs, another interesting feature is that each doll comes with a very elaborate body paint design in the form of tatoos, and each doll her own unique theme, the dolls have not been given names instead they are given a number e.g. Innoquii dd/02.


Innoquiis  have porcelain joints which also have suede to insulate the joints,and also one striking feature each doll has gorgeous glass eyes and applied eye lashes the hair is mohair and comes in many colours and styles, the dolls hair is applied it is glued to a head cap which can lift up to show the stringing, elastic holds the cap and the doll together,so not possible to rewigg or re -root the dolls hair.Three of the dolls are sold directly from Superdoll of London but in a limited edition of 300 dolls they are of course themed and give the following titles Ants, A Bride, A Nurse.



ii/DD - 22 - Ants theme is that of a country girl and her body consists of ants on her arms and hands and dragonflies on her thigh,and on her upper arm and back and a lovely vine design on her lower stomach.There is also a tiny red heart behind one ear! She also has blue glass eyes, applied eye lashes, pale coral lips, and auburn hair tied in a ponytail.

Her clothing consist of blue lace up jodpurs type jeans, checked red blouse, white lingerie, tights and a straw hat, plastic red high heels, not forgetting hooped earings and a display stand.


ii/DD - 03 - The Nurse - Released July 2009 this doll comes with raven black hair and violet glass eyes with applied lashes and red lips, she also wears a white cotton dress which is a little

to tight and shows of her white satin underwear, she also wears stockings and

a organza apron with spacious pockets included. Other accessories include with

this doll are, embroidered nurse's hat, surgical mask, a handbag in the form of 

a inttravenous bag and aslso a pair of high gloss gloves and white shoes, this 

doll also displays the body tatoos these comprise of a syringe on her leg and a

host of pills and a red cross and scientific formulas, symbols and a barcode is also

displayed, not forgetting she is also wearing hooped earrings and a display stand   


ii/DD - 04 - The Bride -


The Bride - Relaeased April 2009 this doll comes in blonde with grey glass eyes

and applied eye lashes and pale peach lips. She is wearing a sumptuous white gown in satin and flocked , with glittering net and white satin undies, stockings and of course a garter, she is wearing as you can see from the images a volumous white veil and white shoes and not 

forgetting her wedding bouquet, and last of all the tattos which consist of wedding gifts e.g. mantle clock, lamps, and silverware which are all painted in white,

she also has a skeleton of her backbone painted on her back and lace detail everyware painted in white and not forgetting the metal looped earings and a display stand.




ii/DD - 01 - The Traveller-December 2008 Haute Doll Exclusive

This doll was produced as a Haute Doll magazine exclusive, she is dressed in a travel costume consisting of a navy blue two piece suit, red rose petal hat and a gingham underwear, navy sling back stilletos shoes and nude tights.

Her hair is blonde mohair tied in a ponytail, she also has very attractive brown glass eyes and deep red lips, One interesting feature she has a huge black beautyspot over one of her eyes, On her body the tiny tattos consist of subjects associated with travel these being a tiny aeroplane flight path on her lower tummy, and a compass on her upper back,

she also has passport tattos on her arm and a picture of a large man in motion on her lower calf.     


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