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Welcome to the Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain

You are now about to go on a journey into our world of collecting fashion dolls,this all started for us many years ago as a club devoted to the world of Barbie but as time went by more members joined it was felt that other fashion dolls should share this passion this then became the Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain we have gone from strenght to strenght reviewing and producing articls on our favourite fashion dolls in our quarterly club magazine Fashion Editor which is produced by our joint club secretaries Rosina Haskell and Elizabeth Voden,they both produce a magazine that always contains passionant detailed and informative fashion doll artials which should appeal to all manner of collectors,but now we have decided to enter into the techniclogical age by producing this website and bringing fashion doll collecting into the 21st century.


Our aims with this site is to bring together all in one place every aspect of fashion doll collecting and create a data base of detailed information put together by people who really know what they are talking about but this will also require the input of you out there who are new to this hobby or even fashion doll collectors who have been doing it for years we really welcome your input and sharing you love of fashion dolls with us.


As mentioned earlier we produce a quartely magazine with this we will be going interactive and producing a more detailed approach with its contents and its whole outlook this facility is currently being designed and constructed so once this is all completed posting's on this site will announce its launch.


But it does not end there we will still producing detailed sections on specific areas of fashion doll collecting as you can see by the menu list to your left we have also supplied links to various and what we consider major contributers to the world of fashion doll collecting this will of course be updated from time to time as we compile our research therefore making this website a vital tool for any fashion doll collector you could say we are striving to put all the eggs in one basket but once again this will require the assistance of fashion doll collectors old and new.


Also with this club you are invited to sign up and become a member this will of course require a yearly subscription to cover the cost's of producing this website and putting together our facilities for our club members at our annual club convention at the Kensington doll fair in May you wil be welcomed to attened and meet fellow fashion doll collectors and use the time to network and share your passion it always works for us and its great fun,each and every year we usually set a theme for the convention which gets the creative juices of members going and its a joy to finally see the results its great to see,therefore if you would like to show off your talents etc etc then contact and talk about joining us you will for sure wish you joined earlier.


Now before I finish this brief introduction which beleve me I could go on for hours but you should get a general picture what our club is all about and where it is going and where its been in recent years,all that can left to say is a big welcome to the Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain and hope you find this website a useful tool to aiding in your hobby of collecting fashion dolls. 

Contact details for your diary

Rosina Haskell Telephone 07971 460949 - 01502 503869






Elizabeth Voden Telephone  01449 770334 ( 18.30 -20.30 )



Barbie 50th Anniversary Celebrations 2009

If you didn't already know 2009 was the 50th anniversary of Barbie yes 50th and we have made sure throught this site that we at the fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain will give her all the credit she deserves and more with indepth articals of her life and times from our point of view also what impact she has made on fashion doll collecting and the fashion industry in general.


We don't want you to think that this whole site is about Barbie but she is special and her appeal is what started this club many years ago she alone has created for herself an iconic status which cannot be taken away this and more will be explained to you in the months to come so that.

everybody young and old will understand why she is what she is.


Many reviews articals have been written about her over the years the list's of publications are too many to mention in detail but we will strive to point you in the right direction of the best publications from our point of view if you feel you should disagree please contact us by email and explain in detail the Barbie publications you find most informative.


A couple of years ago what we would call the greatest publication to come out of the Barbie camp was a magazine called Barbie Bazaar this magazine was abrubtly taken out of circulation well this caused so much upset amongst us collectors that we at the fashion doll club decided we should produce an online magazine of our own that could contain much of contents of the original but with our own twist  this magazine would be without the sale's pages this would enable collectors particualy in the united kingdom to keep up with the events in the Barbie world stateside and review new dolls etc etc also within this facility we will include a customising section like the magazine's often did,all this and more cannot be achieved witout the input of all you collectors out there who have a story to tell a passion to share ,if you wish to join us at the new look website.

 Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain contact can made through various sources within this site meanwhile enjoy the information contained on this site it can only get better from here.  

                                                                                           Rosina Haskell


Fashion Collectors Club Of Great Britain 2010

Every year in early May we get together with other like minded members and meet up at the long and well established Kensington Antiques Arts And Fashion Doll Fair this fair enables us to make this date our annual convention were we put together displays of fashion doll customising show of our vintage doll collections and most of all the best part of this event its the networking talking to other collectors gathering information its priceless with me I like to have on sale many of my outfits from the Rosina's Fashion's range.


I tend to do very well at this event selling many outfits and taking orders and I often make new friends along the way just by talking to people about fashion dolls ,this event has been at various venues but it always seems to come back to kensington Town hall which is a impressive sized building which does more than cater for the many different collectors and traders attending at any of the other dates here throught the year but the date in May is our day

.If in London next may and you love fashion dolls please come along and see us make new friends talk about your love for dolls you never know you may walk away finding out some very informative information we find that we get asked many questions from collectors who are starting out and require pointing in the right direction this can often be very enlightening I often get a glow inside and once I start I cannot stop.Other members in the club who attend share the same experiances but they all have there own unique areas of knowledge which really opens up the scope of our assistance to the public attending.


Each and every year we set a theme to our convention you can see photographs of such themes on our convention page of this site,this usually gets the creative juices going of our members and it goes down well with the attending public of course in 2009 the theme was of course Barbies 50th we made a collection of many of her favourite outfits and produced them in gold material  this seemed to go down well.

We will be doing much of the same this year if your interested in playing a part contact either Liz Voden or Rosina Haskell by email and we will forward all the details of this event by return email 

Information regarding search engine facility

Fashion doll collectors club of great britain has compiled various website connections and links to sites of vital aids to the fashion doll collector you will also come across many links by clicking on images when instructed to be sent a site giving you a more informative page of information on the subject matter  related to the image,also you will find that we have included a section for the boys called dolls for the boys but some girls may enjoy it we know it might seem out of place on a fashion doll clubsite like this one but  we have found many women also enjoy military action figure dolls etc we will leave it for you to make your own opinion, As by now you should see that the whole idea of this site is to provide a facility that puts all our  eggs  in one basket for the fashion doll collector and enabling you to have easier access to all areas of fashion doll collecting in one place,we dont intend in anyway to make this an internet sales site thats not our aim we just want to provide a very informative no-nonsense fashion doll collectors club,in time  we hope to add articals and experiances from fashion doll collectors old and new we want to put this site at the forefront of fashion doll collecting this will take time as we are well aware,we haved devised a moto for this fashion doll club its three important words Share The Passion. 



By clicking onto YouTube you will find many fashion doll related video

articals that can either be very informative or just bizaar  to say the least

we have found this site has turned up some interesting videos recently.


By clicking onto FaceBook we can develope a fashion doll collecting community

and enable collectors to talk and share there passion of collecting fashion dolls in the United Kingdom and even on a global basis.



By clicking onto My Space we can develope a fashion doll collecting community like that on face book and enable collectors to talk and share there passion of collecting fashion dolls in the United Kingdom and even on a global basis.



We have enclosed this link to Picasa /Goolgle as it a useful tool for you to develope your fashion doll images etc  it also has some great tools to enhance and edit your images prior to launching on this  domain or for your own private files feel free to explore its capabilities  for yourself.

Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain

                     Share The Passion


Please click on the link below to view images from previous Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain Conventions. These image's give you some idea of the kind of events that we hold on our convention day also do make a point at checking out the number of customised dolls on display we usually have theme each and every convention this year May 9 th 2010 the theme is aptly  called

Fashion in the style off ....................................


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