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Sindy History - The iconic british fashion doll 

Sindy has always been thought of as the great british iconic fashion doll,created in 1963 and launched in september 1963 by Palitoy a company based in the great britain.Sindy was designed in house by one of the employees in the UK she was based on the american Tammy doll.


In the battle between Barbie and sindy it was sindy that seemed to always have the edge in the UK market she seemed to have an appeal to great british sensibilities where as that of vampish looks of Barbie,the sindy doll you loved to dress and play with.


she was advertised widley on the british TV netwiork during the sixties and she managed to last 40 years in on way or another,originally 12"s tall and made of vinyl her arms legs and neck were all made in the same material she also had painted blue glancing eyes.


The first doll's were rather on the pale side to look at she was also stamped on the  back of her neck to give authenticity sindy also came with different hair colours these being blonde,brunette,and auburn,Sindy first hit the shelves in a closed boxwearing a weekender outfit which you can now purchase as a special edition porcelain edition but the original came wearing jeans a multi-coloured sweater and white plastic tennis shoes also a stand was supplied and a informative little book advertising other outfits which became available one sindys greatest points of interest was she built up a large wardrobe of outfits.


In the early day these where designed by art school students and made from natural fabrics such s cotton, wool, silk the designs were classic to start the sixties with then the mod scene arrived and sindys outfits became very colourful and bright and mordern for the times.


During these 40 years she has embraced every fashion trend that has taken place in the united kingdom,when you look at her outfits you cannot help to relise how well they are made with added details like that of tiny buttons and zips and other tiny details most of these outfits can still be found today in mint condition.also with these outfits they were all given a name and a theme some of most famous outfits are listed below also with images of the outfits to your right



Sleepy Time - a light pink check nighty - Plate 1 


Undie World a dark blue nylon underware set - Plate 2 


Dream Date - a pink party dress - Plate 3 


Skating Girl a red skating outfit complete with skates - Plate 4 


Lunch Date a navy and green wool dress with scarf - Plate 5


Shopping In The Rain - a navy plastic rain coat bag and boots - Plate 6


Pony Club - a brown check jacket and biege jodpurs and boots - Plate 7


Country Walk - tweed skirt and brown "suede" jacket - Plate 8


Bridesmaid - lemon chiffon long dress and over blouse - Plate 9


Seaside Sweetheart - a light orange check shorts,top and wrap - Plate 10 


Happy Traveller - a grey wool coat - Plate 11


Winter Holiday - a red and blue ski outfit - Plate 12


Centre Court - a tennis out with racquet and balls - Plate 13


Bowling - bermuda shorts and cardigan - Plate 14 


Air Hostess and emergancy ward - Plate 15 / 16 










































As well as the above listed products many more specially made outfits were available,also there was a vast array of accessories that you could purchase these included a horse called peanuts and ringo the dog sindy possesed her own sports car and a vast array of furniture items from a bed and a wardrobe to store all her many outfits and a dressing table and a chest of draws,it did not stop there she also had a nice collection of kitchen furniture this being a sink cookers table a chairs washing machineeven an ironing board washing basket etc even all the knives and forks pots and pans.


She had infact everything to set up home,most of the furniture has been refreashed and  reissued over the years and some of the items have had light bulbs added and real effect fire.


Sindy was also  updated over the years. In 1965 her limbs were made more bendable with the addition of wire inserted into her arms and legs,she was also made a bit shorter but could still fit her old clothes.

Her hair was now made of good quality nylon and also had a 'Made In England' mark on the small of her back but this was not always the case.











Plate 1

Plate 2


Plate 9


Plate 4


Plate 5


Plate 3

Plate 6


Plate 7

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Plate 8

Plate 10


Plate 11


Plate 12


Plate 13


Plate 14

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Plate 16


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Lovely Lively  { Sindy, that is }  By Elizabeth Voden

Lovely lively Sindy has always been one of my favourite dolls, from her head to her toes I have always liked her  poseability,her delicate features and her  pink paisley patterned jumpsuit made her stand out from the crowd.

There have been two versions of  Lovely lively the first one was back in 1971 and was strung with elastic to the arms and legs she also had gauntlet style hands that enabled her arms to be bent at the elbow, so with her bendable legs and head turning ball joint she became a doll that was always on the move and very active, Of course the more that you played with her the looser the joints became this could make her become quite wobbly at times this was the time to be somewhat more delicte in her handling.















The second version was the same in concept except she was given rubber arms instead of gauntlet ones like the previous release these arms could be bent into different positions and she was know longer strung together at the joints which made her more harder wearing when you played with her, I think Lovely Lively lived up to her name because she was cute and fun and very much up to date with seventies style and fashion.


Fast forward to 1975 and Active Sindy arrived on the scene of course she was an updated version of the Lovely Lively Sindy she was produced with the same body but cup joints were added to her neck and waist for more flexibility and her ankles were more bendable.

Active Sindy stayed around for many years due to her popularity this was more the case with the ballerina who always looked very pretty and serene in her tutu, this is just a brief example of my favourite Sindys ,

Do you have a favourite doll what memories does she hold for you if  please share this with us and other collectors by writing to us with a brief  account of your experiances and a few  photographs so that we can include them on this site for every one else to share.




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