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Sindy Convention - Lincoln Saturday 31st July 2010

Once upon a Saturday in July in a hall at the top of a very steep hill in Lincoln, Rosina and I met to experiance some Sindy magic.

The day started at ten when we and around fifty other collectores of Sindy presented our tickets at the door of the hall and were then given a bag full of goodies and invited into the world of dolls. collecting and the chance to network and make new friends.


As with all real life magic this loverly day out took alot of work,and organisation and a awful lot good good will and good luck.

The organisation and  hard work was all the work of Melanie Quint


{Further details of her work and fashion doll information can found below online at "Retro Dolls" and "Sindy Magic"}










The good will came from her friends and family and other doll collectors, This convention was not just about Sindy, we also saw old favourites like Pippa. Daisy, Barbie and many other vintage teenage dolls all these were well represented.

Most dolls were for display but there were some for sale, also there was on sale useful supplies to carry out restoration work, and also newly created outfits and seperates for Sindy all these where for sale which was good from my point of view.

There was so much on display it was difficult to know where to start. Do we exclaim over Pippas or pick out our favourite Daisy or find a Sindy we don't have and wish it was ours.


There were dolls everywhere you looked and fortunately plenty of time to take them all in. Also, in an unlikely event there was a lull, Melanie had asked several people to speak about their particular interest in dolls. She told us about her websites

"Sindy magic" and "Retro dolls "{Click on the links above} there was a chat about Pippa and a lady who worked for Pedigree told us a bit more about Sindy and hinted at a possible future for her.Although the day was well organised it didn't feel rushed or hurried. Everyone was welcoming, friendly and chatty.


Melanie is thinking about making the convention  a weekend thing so keep your eye out for further informationon her websites or on her ebay site, which is where I found out about this event. By the way there is a yearly Pippa convention as well, Rosina and myself missed the 2010 event but will look out for 2011 convention.


Rosina and I would like to have a similar event, please let us know if your interested in us putting something together and maybe what type of theme we should use we really need your feedback on this as we feel its time to express this hobby of ours to the next level.


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