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Welcome to rosina's page's within this section our club secretary will be contributing her own personal experiances and passion of fashion doll collecting she will be sharing with you her favourite aspects of fashion doll design and fashion ideas and all the aspects of fashion doll collecting which keeps her creativity ideas on top of her game ,she will also supply updates and reviews on the outfits available on her own fashion doll site Rosina's Fashions you may wish to visit this site by following the link on the home page or on the menu bar to your left.

#1 Storing Your Dolls { fashion editor summer 2004 }

I have learned through trial and error, through the grapevine, and I must say also luck, about how to store my fashion dolls. I  have had some of my dolls and bears since I was a child and I am still amazed that some of them have survived this long especially when most have travelled around a good deal of the planet. Most are still in good condition although well played with and loved .

Most of my collection is in boxes except for mosr recently accquired or if  I am making something for them or need there services for something like research or something like a fashion doll photo shoot something like that.


It is  always a dilemma how to put some of my dolls away so that when she re-emerges again in pristine condition, sometimes I  think just leaving them on display is the better of the two options but then you have to contend with dust and fading from sunlight etc, I have quite a few  porcerlain dolls  which do reside in there original boxes in my attic room most of these dolls are 18" to 24" tall and as I  have a nosey cat and limited space its better sited that they stay safely in there boxes.


My Genes and other 16" dolls are in boxes under the bed,on top of the wardrobe etc , worst of all all my 80s Barbies are in a plastic box and my vintage dolls in a cardboard document box - some may well saying right now aagh what is she doing!

I know I know, I should practice what I  preach, I do keep a very careful eye on them and check them over quite often and play with them straight from the storage box.




#2 Where To Store Your Dolls



Dolls can ruined by storing badly - obviously I have been lucky so far and had only minor problems, But a serious collector with a very  valuable collection can there collection plummet in value if the correct storage facilities are made.


So when storing your prized and much loved collection think first where to store your dolls - forget the attic, Garage, which are complete no - no's these areas can sometimes be damp for most of the year, my attic is an exception it is a spare bedroom with heating , it is important not to put them in rooms that have sudden drops in temperature this invites mould , rooms with high temperatures can affect vinyl this can make it fade , with mould it can very hard to remove I have still not found the perfect chemical to do this, chemical- organic - ozone friendly alike. if your dolls and fabric survive all these temparatures you might be unfortunate to attract moths or even mice etc, moths love natural fabrics so any vintage silk cotton garment could prove to be a gourmet meal for an unwelcome visitor. 

At some point I would like to purchase a glass display unit to put my dolls in this will be dust free and out of the sunlight, Antique curio cabinets seem to be popular for 12" dolls but 16" dolls will need a modern cabinet.


How many of you have had the mod -era Barbies : TNT Barbie, Casey, Stacey, Francie, etc and have had faded faces this due to improper storage or being left in strong sunlight - I have also  found that wellm played with dolls have a sort of tan or green - faded noses, and how many of your dolls have had their legs drop off, I have also noticed that some dolls stored in there outfits have had a fabric stain on there limbs this happens even on displayed dolls.

Some garments in dark fabric such as black and red , purple etc mark the vinyl of the doll. I have had this happen to me several times and have had to resort to the spot cream to remove the marks , exposing dolls to strong sunlight I would wrap her face to avoid fading, I also now check my dolls outfits for dark linings or thread and refrain letting her wear it for too long.


Manufactures of the collectable doll market has also noticed this and have made sure dollls come with light coloured outfits and linings. I also make my own fashion doll outfits and again I try to make the linings out of  light coloured fabrics. If your interested in the Gene Marshall website ' Share the Dream it list's all the outfits for Gene that are reported to cause staining on the vinyl dolls there are quite a few, I therefore store my dolls nude!


I might also point out dolls plastic shoes can also cause staining - One vintage doll I have has permanent red staining on her feet to red strappy shoes.

The best place to store your dolls is in a interior part of your house this could be a cupboard, a trunk, or a chest and for those of you  who afford it a climate controlled  storage facility, some towns and gities have self storage facilities which are ok if you can bare to be parted from your collection and can be expensive long term.





How To Store Your Dolls - continude




What container if your not using the box your doll came in . Note:


Do not store your dolls or their clothing in closed plastic bags this can attract moisture which can get trapped in the container or the  bag and cause mould spores to appear and also there may be a reaction between the container  plastic and the doll vinyl and if you have had the clothes dry cleaned or used some sort of chemical on them e.g. starch or fabric freshner there may be a chemical reaction that may disingtigrate the fabric.


I have a Farrah Fawcett Majors doll which I purchased in its original box, I did find when I removed her from the box that her polyester jump suit had had a reaction to her stand which was clamped around her ankles, the hem of her outfit was caught up in the stand and stuck to both doll and stand carefully peelingit off limited the damage this was a chemical reaction going on I now store the stand in another part of the box where it cannot cause any more damage.


A good many of my collector edition and pink boxe Barbies are in their original boxes stacked on top of one anotherto make a wall of dolls ! But it turns out even the dolls original packaging could actually damage the dolls because of the acid in the boxes cardboard.

The metal wire securing the dolls also can cause damage, I have come across dolls with permanent grooves on their ankles. An idea for you extremists is to store you MIB { Mint In Box } in their boxes and try to wrap the dolls in acid free tissue paper first, or wrap your dolls in un-dyed and un-bleached muslin or cottons



How To Store - Display Your Dolls Video Guides





We have enclosed some very informative video links with regards to storing and displaying your fashion dolls the video's tends to relate to the likes of Barbie dolls but we feel it just about represents every type of fashion doll currently available or even those know longer available you may find this very useful if you have your own ideas on this and the other subjects covered please let us know we welcome your feedback. 

Displaying Your Dolls

Organizing Your Collection

Insuring  Your Collection

Collecting Accessories

I have a Marilyn Monroe Barbie in the' white dress' which has been seccured in the box to show the skirt billowing in the up - draft { You know the scene }. It is a vexation to me that the outfit will end up being permanently damaged by the diagonal crease in the pleated fabric, I,m therefore loathed to take her out of the box to avoid any more damage what do I do ? save the dress and ruin the scene Mattel obviously want us to see I went for the option of  leaving it alone its the best thing to do but these decision can be very hard.


A definate must is that you should remove any metal items coming into contact with the vinyl of your dolls for example earrings,stands, jewellery, head bands,and decorative metal items. We have all come across the term green ear haven't  we? I have noticed the Gene's hair or head wear is either metal pins or wire -I'm constantly monitoring the situation!

Those of you with NRFB vintage Barbies complete with jewellery tags and cellophane around the head may have the risk any eventual damage in order to leave her in her original state. But I would advise  that you keep checking to see if there is any damage taking place.

The best thing to do is to have all your dolls and their clothing wrapped in acid free tissue paper prior to storage this should prevent your dolls from touching the container in any way and prevent dolls and clothing from touch one another. I am sure most of you would never consider wrapping your dolls or clothing in newspaper that's not even go there!


Moth's there are numerous ways of preventing moths but if you managed to keep the moth's away the preventive measure might just do as much damage, I personally would get my aromatherapy ' cure all'  out and find a remedy there. For instance moths hate Lavender and most insects hate citronella but I would not let the oils come into contact with dolls or her clothes. Do what your grannies used to do make a little pouches and store them near your precious items,


I have umpteen Gene and Tyler outfits and the best way { and I have tried many } is to leave them flat in there original containers. Mine are stacked on top of one another in the corner of the room out of the way, the outfits stay flat and everything is together. To store those crushable items  keep gathered skirts crease free is to pad out the garment with balled up acid free tissue paper to keep sleeves and bodices in shape{ placing the balls in the sleeves and boddice } The most annoying thing is trying to iron out creases from a gathered skirt.  


When storing dolls , first smooth hair and limbs, the worst thing with my loose dolls is making sure there hair is smoothed down, I'm sure ,y girls party when they are in seclusion  their hair generally ends up in a mess. I also find rubber bands disintergrate with time I have not come across the perfect sulution as yet if you can add to this in anyway please feel free to write to us with your suggestions.


Your display dolls like we said before must always be kept out of sunlight there clothes and there vinyl faces can fade and ruin there overall apperance. I have learnt with time how to store my dolls { even though I do risk my dolls now and again but not following a few simple guidlines as I have indicated  } my dolls are nearly always in use this way I can keep a very close eye on there condition, there are just a few tips I have come across biut most of it ia all about common sense you will come across the hazards as you progress with your collection it does add to all the enjoyment after all, If you have any futher advice or tips to add like I mentioned before pleasze feel free to contact us and we will include it on this site so everybody out there can share it.


Rosina Haskell

                             Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain

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# 1 Displaying Your Dolls

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