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OK they are not the real thing but they come close and for someone like me, cash strapped and with a limited accessability to vintage dolls - a god send.

I am a hands on collector, I like to play with my dolls, dress them in nice outfits, pose them, and even make them clothes etc, handling the real vintage dolls and their less than fragile less than perfect condition clothes would just ruin them, I would have to display them in perfect conditions and refrain from handling them as much I would like.


My first reproduction doll was the 35th anniversary in the black and white swimsuit, black mules, sunglasses and nice display packaging and a copy of the original box she was first released in.

I managed to purchase this doll at the Lafayette store in Paris in 1994 and I paid around £40.00 for her, I  purchased her with the view that I would not see her in the United Kingdom for some time to come, oh how wrong was I in the months to come well thats fashion doll collecting after all dont take anything for granted I certainly dont anymore.



She was not a true copy of the first 1959 Barbie much comment  was made about this and she did not come with a display stand through the foot either like her original. But I liked her anyway and had tom wrestle with my emotions as to weather I should remove her from her ornate packaging just so that I could play with her and dress her. As what Usually happens with collector dolls the market became flooded with this particular doll and within time I purchased another two and the prices where somewhat more relistic and yes I could live with the guilt of opening one and playing with her which was well worth the wait after all.


Other dolls quickly followed and I started to collect these in earnest: thgese were as follows Solo in spotlight, Evening Enchantment, Busy Gal,

Poodle Parade, Also released was a special edition gift set with two of her most famous outfits Cruise Stripes and Easter Parade these were produced with very attractive packaging, I have managed to purchase most of the reproduction releases with exception to one or two in particular the gift set mentioned earlier containing the doll and outfit called Cruise Stripes as the prices being offered are very silly and over inflated but I still keep looking maybe someone reading this can help I,m open to all offers, one doll I did not like was the bride doll she just did'nt do it for me


The dolls themselves which look like half hearted versions of the original have now begun to look like the original dolls, The outfits and accessories, however, were and still are perfect copies of the originals, right down to the prints, tiny zips, buttons, and manufactures labels inside the clothes. I finally managed to get hold of a Cruise Sripes outfit that someone was selling at a doll fair, it even came with copies of the tiny handkerchief, fold away glasses and case and powder compact that came with the original outfit, its little details like that I really love.


Since then the range has been expanded to include the Mod 60's twist and turn Barbie and even friendslike Midge, Francie, Stacy, Julia, and Christie.

These dolls are mostly sold under the banner of 'Collectors Choice' the dolls were brought out one a year and now there are several brought out each year which means collectors like me can't keep up and I have to be more selective or either miss out {which in my book is not good}

some very nice reproduction dolls such as Open Road { One of my favourite outfits by the way } and Plantation Bell which is only available to members of the Barbie collectors club in the United States not very fair I would say.








Also the dolls are now packaged in boxes like the original closed boxes incorperating the artwork of the dolls and outfits on the box top this means they could easily be played with bhy just getting them out of there boxes great. My particular favourite is of course. Gay Parisienne which I consider to be perfect and to top it off I can even play with her!


Another benefit with these reproductions is that collectors buy them, get bored with them or just want the outfit and sell the dolls with or witout the outfits,however as a result I have one or two of these bought on the secondary market and use these dolls to dress my outfits on and play with.

another added bonus is that reproduction accessories eg shoes and bags are now being sold seperately so our reproduction play dolls have reproduction accessories that make them look much better in there overall appearance.


Too add another oddity is that some of the dolls are coming in different packaging and can have a price differance of £20.00 for example Barbie learns to cook come's in a display box with a kitchen back drop to display her cookware on whereas the more expensive version is in a closed box which the doll can be removed and the cookware stored in a plastic bag I therefore opted to pay extra just for the benefit of getting the doll out of the box to play with her, Sleepy Time gal comes with an extra outfit { the very nice Fashion Editor } and various accessories in a very well presented display box which once again I was loathed to ruin by removing the doll.


For Barbies 50th Birthday Mattel have released many reproduction dolls these being Pony Tail, Bubble Cut, Twist 'N' Turn, Malibu Barbie, which is issued with an extra outfit ~ Lemon Twist also a re-release of the 80s Superstar Barbie { I rather have a passion for the doll with the black outfit } when you weigh it all up Mattel could of done better with there choices on such a important anniversary to add one more personal choice I would of liked to of seen an American Girl doll rerelease maybe one day.


Gay Parisienne

35th Anniversary Release

35th Anniversary Gift Set  Featuring Easter Parade & Roman Holiday


Enchanted Evening


Poodle Parade


Twist 'N' Turn Barbie

Sleepy Gal & Fashion Editor


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Barbie Reproductions  { Using the web facilities and links }

In recent months there have been many Barbie Reproduction dolls being re-released and they just seem to get better and better with age, we could illustrate every doll that has been made available but this would take too long and would use up too much space thats why we have decided to supply weblinks to some of our favourite site's that like to specilze in the collecting of  Barbie Reproduction dolls you will find they have been compiled by collectors who have researched and collected vintage and reproduction Barbies for many years now we at the Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain use these sites to reasearch our subject matter because even we don't know all the facts and enjoy  learning and researching new information , we therefore hope that you will find great enjoyment also at using these very informative websites that have been put together for the more serious and somewhat dedicated fashion doll collector, the address for this Barbie Reproduction website is as follows

just type and open up a whole new world on the collecting of reproduction dolls, take it from me I  have  gathered so much new information from this site and thats coming from someone and I,m not affraid to say that I thought I knew a many facts it certainly showed me how much un-charted information there is still to find.


As  you journey through this site of ours with have linked up to many of our favourites sites as we feel fashion doll collecting should be like a community and every aspect of collecting fashion dolls should be made more accessable instead of all that long time consuming searching on the web which at times can just switch you off after a long day, with us we want to make life that much  relaxed and enable you to journey through different aspects of fashion doll collecting and hopefully on the way find new ideas and develope new interest's some of the things you would not do if you just surfed the web and not visited some of the websites because they didn't seem to appeal , don't get me wrong I enjoy surfing the web for new fashion doll information but I can get bored very quickly and this can even lead to even forgetting what I was originally was looking for we have all been there so therefor we hope this website takes away some of this bordem and make fashion doll collecting more fun.

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find yet more Barbie related videos some of them are worth checking out some are just totally bizzaar.