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New dolls these days are few and far between, So I was very interested to learn that Integrity had added a new and exciting range to there already comprehensive catalogue, these new girls were given the name "Dynamite Girls" - they are a cross between Mattels mod dolls and popular TV series characters "Charlies Angels" the blurb on these latest addition to the very impressive Integrity range is that they are designed to pounce on any unsuspecting fashion failure and give them a makeover, the first dolls arrived on thge scene back in early 2008 and since then many new additions have been released. There appears from the start that there were four dolls these being Jett. Gavin, Reese, and Aria.

I would like to tell you how to distinguish between them this being there overall looks, this ranging from hair colour skin tone and the bright coloured fashions,  Integrity have released a large number of dolls in this range and some may find it hard to keep up with these releases I certainly have up to now this is not helped by the fact its hard enough as it is to find anyone in the United Kingdom who stocks them but I do keep looking.


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The first dolls came in fairly basic attire but the second wave of dolls were more detailed and the outfits became more interesting. I first noticed these dolls in the "Barbie Collector" Magazine and my initial thoughts at first was that of curiosity,one doll in particular reminded me of Mattel's Mod "TNT" flip Barbie.


I did manage to purchase one of these dolls of the internet and it was reasonably priced at around £40.00, Jet was the doll I opted for { Seen Left } as you can see she has bright yellow flip hair and she is also wearing a stripped zippered top and white hot pants she is also wearing a pair of white boots, I have also seen this doll with different coloured hair but with the same outfit.


The dolls themselves are 12" tall with rooted hair and eyelashes, they are extremerly delicately articulated so there is know rough stuff with these dolls even though they look like they could take it. The outfits are very funky and fun with bright miss match items and accessories I hope that some seperate outfits will be released.


If you are interested into finding out more information with regards to these dolls just click on the link below we have supplied to access more informative material with regards to the Dynamite Girls current and past releases.


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Since there initial release the Dynamite girls have gone under different banner headings these being

in 2007 Explosive style, 2008 Groovy Wave, 2009 Electro Pop, you can check out the dolls that relate to these headings by visitng the IntegrityToys website link to your left just follow the link directed to achieves here you will discover all the previous Dynamite Girls that have been released do bare in mind many of them may be somewhat hard to find these days in the United Kingdom, I suggest you check out the likes of ebay where many of these dolls turn up but do be aware some of the prices being asked can be rather over inflated its therefore recommended that you surf around to find the best prices I would be happy to pay around £40.00 for one of these dolls this would be resonable but the first wave of dolls may sometimes reach double this price this can take place very quickly once the dolls become retired or just disapear of the radar, We at the Fashion doll collectors club would love to recieve any feedback from collectors of these somewhat interesting fashion dolls, if you can assist in sending us images of your collections or even giving us some of your time to producing a short artical on these dolls  thus would be greatly appreciated by us and all fashion doll collectors out there, if you can assist contact either myself Rosina Haskell or Liz Voden by following the email links supplied we llok forward to your assistance. 

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