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Willow Somers and Daisy Fields are two 16" dolls that were created to fill the gap between Gene { 40's , 50's } and the contemporary Tyler Wentworth.

These two lovely dolls are firmly set in London's swinging sixties.



Willow and Daisy { defined as British Mod Birds }capture the fun and the excitement of life in London during the popular sixties mod movement this collectable vinyl fashion doll is strung together as with old porcelain dolls have wigs instead of rooted hair and the vinyl has a wax like appearance.

The face paint is lovely with full lips and half crossed eyes with make up keeping in character of the period also some of the dolls have bendable legs and other have straight.



The dolls were designed  by Doug James & Laura Meisner - two of the best know artists in the the fashion doll industry { both have been reponsable for creating Gene Matshall outfits } and have also collaborated to create wonderful collectable vinyl fashion doll line.These two friends and there collaboraters in the last few years pooled their various talents and the love of fashion dolls and then presented there designs to L.L.Knickerbocker & Co { who have been creating toys since the 1920s } were they came up with the name of Somers and Fields of London project.


Willow Somers And  Daisy Fields

              ' The Mod British Birds '


Doug and Laura - when creating the Somers and Fields collection decided to concentrateon the sixties in particular the mod era during the " Youthquake " movement as it was known,the fashions where bright and colourful and very imaginative using unusual fabrics and patterns and the use of widley contrasting colours,These clothes were mostly geared torwards the young .

The fashions are based on those created by designers of the time these being the likes of Mary Quant, Paco Rabanne and Courreges.


The first dolls that arrived in the collection were two very hip young ladies who's names were - Willow Somers and Daisy Fields these two are the best of friends and they live in the centre of London. England and they are both involved actively in the 60's mod movement, Willow is British and blonde and her friend Daisy is Hindu / British by decent and she has dark hair, the ages of these two girls is supposed to be around the ages of 17 to 18 years.


Both of these girls fathers are joint owners of a department store called "Somers and Fields."

It goes without saying Willow and Daisy have the pick of the best fashions and accessories from there fathers department store this includes shoes skirts and even jewellery and hats also.


These two girls just love to strut around in there knee length boots and pretty mini skirts and PVC dresses.They go to the races at Ascot and attend the Chelsea flower show and the many parties and pop concerts they even take time out to visit the country side they always seem to find the appropriate oufit for the occasion, even when they are working in there fathers store they managed to find the correct outfit to wear.


Each and everyone of there outfits has a name these being the likes of the following Piccadilly, Lady Bug, Rock`n Roll, Jazz club,

The first four dressed dolls available were Trafalgar square, Milk maid wedding, Autumn colours, and Debut,




When these dolls were first released they came in very flimsy boxes and witout stands as the designers thought the outfits did not look right when a stand was used and they did not have time to find an alternative idea prior to there release since there release more outfits have been produced by different designers infact the outfits just got more conservative but overall just as nice as the first releases.


Trafalgar Square

Autumn Colours

Lady Bug Concert


Daisy In Milkmaid Wedding

New Years Eve

Spring Collection


Jazz Club

Rock 'n' Roll





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Arabian nights

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