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In 2000 Barbie made a drastic change to her look - she went back to her roots { fashion model, that is not her hair} No dobt as a response to the multitude of new high quality collector fashion dolls coming on to the market, especially the ones concentrating on collectors and our interest in high fashion and vintage designs. Barbie re - thought her image and decided to go back to being a Fashion Model as she originally was back in the late 1950 s. The change did not include growing a few inches as per Gene and Tyler - she had already done that and it did not work - people always thought of her as 11 1/2 inches tall and that is where she intended to stay.The whole concept and design is by top designer Robert Best, who wanted Barbie to go back to displaying her excellant  good taste and her eye for high quality and style.


Her new look included the original classic face mould with updated  and mordern paintwork. The first two dolls each have different face paint - a dramatic look for the brunette and a softer look for the blonde.

She has also gone back to the hopped earings we were so use to seeing on the vintage dolls.


The dolls are made of a new type of vinyl also - Silkstone. It has a look and a feel of porcelain with a seamless finish and very tough and will not shatter if the doll is dropped.

The dolls are quite heavy to handle and have 6 points of articulation, they are finished to the highest quality right down to manicured nails and a tiny mole on her cheek.

Nicely posed hands defineable left and right foot, which means her shoes need to fit the correct feet. One knee is slightly bent as if taking a step forward,  twist and turn waist and head but her limbs are not jointed.

She is in fact strung together with cardboard washers to stop the two parts scraping when moving her, She comes with a wrist tag certificate ot authentification,and a stand and a tasteful cream closed box. The doll is secured inside the box by a ribbon and this is surrounded by tissue paper.

She is however meant to be taken out of the box and played with.


The first dolls were the lingerie dolls that came in white satin bra and panties accented with lace and pink bows, white stockings and suspenders that really do work.



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There is also a dressed doll - Delphine - { first of many } a gorgeous blonde, pink lipped doll wearing a light blue taffeta strapless evening gown with folded bodice, a luxurious asymmetrical bow on the back of the dress and flowing draped train accented with pink flowers. This oufit is complemented with a white faux fur stole lined in pink satin.

The outfit could of been inspired by the Gene Kelly Oscar night drapped gown also released is  the classic pink Enchanted Evening from the 1960s, this doll has one arm bent to allow her hand to be placed on her hip for that classic model pose.

Other dolls  followed during the millenium, right back in 2000 in the pink was issued this was a brunette doll wearing a full length skirted ball gown of frothy pink tulle encrusted with beads and sequins,a pink stole. full petticoat. matching pink taffeta evening evening bag and long gloves Barbie had certainly had make her mark with some serious and beautiful designs in fashion.



Separate additional outfits  to dress up your dolls became available these were designed by Robert Best, the first two that were released were 'Lunch At The Club' and 'Garden Party' - Lunch At The Club is a navy blue satin trimmed two piece that includes a pink satin body and pill box hat, gloves ,a black patent bag, two tone black and white shoes,also included with this set was a pair of tights, fur stole, pink scarf and a wrapped bunch of red roses.

Garden Party consist of a white organza dress wih pink detailing, light pink cardigan, a massive flower trimmed straw hat, straw bag and strappy heel shoes and tights. These outfits wre extremely popular and became very hard to find by collectors and there price's doubled also if you were lucky to find any of them in mint condition.

The following years to come the lines expanded to include another lingerie doll, a raven haired doll labeled #3. She came with green eye shadow and black satin undies that were trimmed in blue she also came with a pair of black stockings and suspenders. Another dressed doll named ' Lisette ' a platinium blonde doll fashion model wearing a sumptuous full length mint green satin ball gown trimmed with black velvet and long black gloves. The two additional outfits the first was  called 'Boulevard Fashion' a highly detailed ensemble consisting of a light brown linen like fabric suit accented with tiny buttons. A pewter satin faux fur trimmed short coat, animal print - patterned scarf complete with tiny broach. A brown satin pillbox hat, faux leather bag, brown gloves, tights and brown shoes. The whole ensemble is topped of with a tiny charm bracelet with tiny charms. The other outfit is 'Blush Becomes Her' - a light pink dupion bubble dress with black accessories including a large black picture hat, purse, gloves, tights, shoes and pearl jewellery, both outfits are extremely detailed and very collectable and a must for any fashion doll collector to have in there collection this goes without saying


Boulevard Fashion

Blush Becomes Her

Lisette Barbie

Next came the first of many - the excellant 'Dusk to Dawn ' gift set, This came with a luxuriant red haired fashion model with interchangeable wardrobe of different garments to see her through the day and right on through into the evening, included in this set was a little black strapless body, lavender full skirt,black net petticoat,knee length pencil skirt and a little black jacket, also a long fishtail skirt and a white top, two pauirs of shoes and a animal print bag,and black tights. Accessories also included a hat box, jewellery consisting of a thick white enamelled bangle, also a necklace, chain belt dripping with charms, long lavender gloves and a tiny magazine. This first gift set was very much in demand and it also became very difficult to get hold off this increased its prices by almost double its original market value.


The range of dolls available has been going for quite some time now and further lingerie dolls and outfits and dressed dolls have been produced {Click on the image links above to view portfolio}

the lingerie dolls have included a red head and a African American and a Blonde short curly haired doll. They are often referred to by numbers ie #6 which was the last one produced.

Apparently complaints from parents about the underwear the dolls were wearing stopped the line and dolls they then produced a more respectable nightdress and jacket ensemble, A very strange occurrence seeing as the dolls wear oiriginal concept was for the serious collectors market and for children at all.


Further gift sets and also store specials which proved very popular with collectors and in time became very collictable and reached very high prices. Seperate outfits ncluded smart suits and lavis cocktail outfits also skiing and even horse riding outfits plus many accessories with the likes of designer bags cases shoes in boxes and even a dress dummy and even a little platic dog in a carry case all complimented these highly collectable dolls.


Ken - Barbie's long time boyfriend has also been produced in the silkstone range he first arrived in a gift set which consisted of a smart suit and accessories to dress him up in. A special 45th Anniversary Barbie and Ken Silkstone was produced with Barbie in a custom printed pink dress with black lettering adorning it on the box accompanying the doll drawings of silkstone dolls in various outfits covered the box.



Dusk To Dawn Gift Set


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by Barbie Silkstone collectors each of these very interesting videos are brought to you through YouTube.

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Rebecca's Doll Collection 2009

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We have also seen the Fashion Model series develope its ownebrand and colour scheme namely a very tasteful blue and white stripe pattern which shows up on some of the accessory packs and on the interior of the Silkstone trunk, Furniture has also been produced to compliment the range most striking is a white antique dressing table with all the trimmings. As well as dressed Silkstones just recently the dolls have been produced to a overall theme for instance and number of dressed dolls represented utillites these being a Maid, Usherette, and A Watress, Also dolls representing more professional careers these being A Secretary, Teacher, Artist, ...............................................


For Barbies 50th Anniversary modern reproductions were released of some of her most famous outfits such as 'Gay Parisienne' 'Plantation Belle' and also in 2009 /2010 Silkstone Barbie will be paying homage to the popular  hit TV drama 'Mad Men' these will consist of two male and two female dolls wearing traditional 60s outfits ,its obvious the Silkstone range will keep on growing and developing even more beautiful collectable fashion dolls with the ongoing developments in technolgy the attention to detail just gets more and more amazing - Silkstone Barbie will be around for many mor years to come ..................................................


Silkstone Shop Girl