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You can always guarantee that when Mattel go silent they are planning a new marketing spectacular with a comeback to match! Well here it is however, I would say  spectacular was a bit overstated I would rather pick the word understated because gone has the Barbie pink the new colour in town is black it looks simple and plain but you could say also less is more! and she looks great.


I am not sure if this new collection is aimed at collectorsor toy shops and the younger generation they are listed as part of there new black box range but I,m sure collectotrs are going to love them, I have known about them since December 2009  but as yet I have not managed to come across one in the vinyl you might say they look like they are being rolled out over the year some have appeared on the likes of ebay and the accessories sets on amazon.


Barbie Basics is a collection of twelve fashion { maybe more on the way }  each doll has a unique individualityn in the fact they all look so different mostly on the head sculpt it seems Mattel have taken it upon themselves to use every model designed to pproduce these lovelies infact I,m sure there is a down to suit every taste here what simple but effective marketing plan on behalf of mattel,these dolls don't seem to getting released in any numerical order. I have got my eye on a couple of them at present but will want more its inefitable,the dolls are I like are Platium Bob and the African American with short hair so far.


Another marketing aspect of these dolls they all have one thing in common this being they are all wearing the own individual design on the the little black dress theme you could say its fashion fever gone sophisticated. Along with the dolls Mattel have produced 4 accessory packs these have the names of Gold, Silver, Evening, and Trend, assigned to them.

Each pack contains a good selection of shoes, bags, scarves, jewellery,sunglasses etc and the quality of accessories look very good from what I have seen to date. These dolls can be purchased for a very relistic price of around £26.00 and the accessary sets for a very reasonable £23.00, I think all these girls are well worth a look at in detail in the coming weeks and months once this has been the case we will  keep you up to date with our very own product review until then enjoy the images attached to this page and make your own mind up I certainly have.




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#001 Mackie :          Features the Mackie face mould and she is wearing a black mini dress showing

                                          off her long gorgeous long legs she also has a mane of long golden hair.



#002 Lara :              Features the Lara face mould and this doll is wearing a slinky black mini dress  she also long luscious brunette hair.

#003 Steffie :           Features the Steffie face mould and she wearing strapless mini dress and straight brown hair.   

  #004 Goddess :        Features  short black cropped hair and short fitted mini dress that shows off her dark complexion & wonderful african figure.

#005 Kayla - lea :    Features  a black fitted strapless knee lenght dress and a stylish updo hairstyle that perfectly frames her ethnic figure.

#006 Carnival :        Features  a stylish black one shoulder dress and long wavy blonde hairstyle in a sassy pose.

#007 Aphorodite :    Features a long sleeveless  mini dress and long lucious red hair.

#008 Mibil :              Features a one strap black knee lenght dress and long flowing dark blonde wavy hair.

#009 Diva :                   Features a retro black cocktail dress and a super chic platinium blonde bob hairstyle.

#010 Diedre :           Features a african american skin tone and she is wearing a striking black dress with a

                                          plunging neckline & long black striking hair.

#011 Teresa :           Features a black plunging neckline  knee lenght dress and a tousled bob hairstyle.

#012 Tango :           Features a firm fitting black dress that hits just above the knee she also has long blonde sultry hair down to her waist.

Barbie New Release's 2009/2010/2011

Below you will find we have enclosed some of our favourite new Barbie releases for 2009 / 2010/ 2011 there are many more than those we have included so we advise you to use our weblinks to access more information on the dolls available, also as the year progresses we will bring you full in depth articals and full reviews of all new releases as and when we finally get our hands on them in the meantime please enjoy the photographs we have supplied if you can add any futher information with regards to the new releases please feel free to write to us with your feelings on the new dolls your feedback is most welcomed. { this section will be regulary updated for new releases


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