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Barbie was created after Ruth and Elliot Handler founded Mattel creations in 1945 Barbie was infact born 14 years later and introduced to the world at the New York Toy Fair of 1959. Barbie came about when Ruth's daughter Barbara would rather play with grown up paper dolls then play with the baby dolls that were around at the time infact this was this was just about all that was available to young girls at the time, Little did Ruth know that when the first TV advertisment Barbie aired in 1959 the effect it had on people the Barbie empire had started.



 Barbie made her debut at the New York Toy Fair in 1959 she retailed at the time for $3 - Dollars and a collection of her outfits sold for between $1 and $5 Dollars since her  initial conception generations after generations have played and grown up and watched there children play with Barbie,this has been what has made her such an iconic creation in out mordern society today.


In her 50 years she has had 108 careers this being a veternarian - Doctor - Teacher - And a astronaut - and even done a spell in the military forces - and she tried her hand at being a candidate for the White House, during this time 43 years she has been with long time boyfriend Ken but this sadly enough ended with a break up on valentines day of all days.



Another aspect of Barbie that has kept her going is that she has had many make over's and style changes and the shape of her body has also changed somewhat over the years as well as multiple hair colours however she still has knowsign of any grey as yet or even a wrinkle or two on her face infact she appears to get younger looking every year,Barbie has been always living life to thr full and being at the forefront of cutting edge fashion.


Barbie has a great ability to be the master of reinvention and accomadate the latest fashions and this enables her to keep ahead, of her gsameso its not surprising the anniversary doll based on the original doll wearing the black and white swim suit has been updated for the 21st cebtury to cater for the modern trends of today 2010, Barbie overall look well head sculpt has changed many times shes had thinner jaw lines almond shaped eyes and fuller lips but underneath she still is our Barbie.




However, all is not happy at the Barbie camp prior to her 50th celebrations.

Barbie is not scared of a little competition and during her 50 years she has seen most of them off trying to take her her crown, Being sold in over 140 countries have alot to do with it overall but in recent years hers sales world wide have plunged 21 percent in the last quarter of 2008, the world wide economic downturn and currency values have all played there part but she holds her head up and keeps going another aspect of her poor sales is down to the 7 year reign of the Brazt phenomenonand the global introduction of computer games playstation  XBox etc to name but a few,but as regards to the Brazt dolls Mattel to drastic action and sued to prevent Braztparent company MGA Entertainment from making or selling Brazt as the person that originally created them worked for Mattel when he designed Bratz,Although Mattel granted them a stay of execution due to the impending 50th Barbie anniversary celebrations this was of course 2009.


Over the years Barbie has had her fair share of critics from dat one her look was not acceptable and many parents had adopted a real problem with her curves and her adult body and vampish make - up,

It has been said that Barbie may had never got of the ground if it was not for her exceptional wardrobe of beautiful outfits, even today 50 years later the media parents alike still have a pop at her ,it seems her body is still the issue and raises concerns with young girls not being educated in to not thinking they should look like Barbie, I can remember when I was five all  I ever wanted was a pretty doll to play with and dress up it had to be a Barbie or a Sindy because they looked so grown up and had very interesting clothes I was not affected by what clothes people were wearing or what I saw on the television or in magazines I was interested in clothes however but not in relation to me  I was concerned about the dolls body I did aspire to want to look like Barbie or Sindy come to that I was me and the doll was a doll my best friend in plastic pretty commoon sense for a child of my age don't you think.

 Today I have many Barbies in my collection and with many fantastic stunning outfits and I enjoy creating many of my own which I retail on my website Rosina's Fashion's

many of these outfits are inspirations from the early days but with a twist and a lot of my own creativity added because Barbie deserves to look good for the next chapter in her life.






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 National Barbie Convention 2010 Cleveland Ohio July 21st - 24th 2010

If you are lucky enough to be visiting the United States in July 2010 you may wish to consider visiting the National Barbie convention at   the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland Ohio on the 21st to the 24th july 2010, this event is reconised as major event on the fashion doll collectors calendar in 2010 many events are to held at this years convention far too many for us to go into detail but we have provided a website link for you to access at your pleasure and make your own mind up we at the Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain would love to go ourselves but you know how it is.



But if anybody out there reading this and is contemplating going to this event in July 2010 we would like you to contact us and think about being out roving reporter and compile a convention report that will be published on a specially prepared convention report page this will also require many photographe of the various event you will be rewarded for your trouble if this interest's you please feel free to contact either myself Rosina Haskell or Liz Voden, .beside's this if any fashion doll collectors state side are reading this and would be attending we would appreciate your assitance in compiling some convention 2010 feeback once again please email to the previous contact details listed above we look forward to making contact.  


National Barbie Convention 2009


Please feel free to click on the following links with regards to referance to details and reports of 2009 National Barbie Convention also we have supplied a link to view a sample of Barbie collectors club special edition convention Barbies.


Barbie 2009 Convention Video 1

Barbie 2009 Convention Video 2

Barbie 2009 Convention Video 3

Barbie 2009 Convention Dolls

Please click on the web links below to access short but very informative videos of the Barbie 2009 National convention that was held at the DC Centre Washington.


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Click on the box  below to access the very informative Barbie museum website this, site is very useful for the purpose of researching vintage dolls etc etc ........

 Barbie Museum


 Barbie 2010 Cleveland Ohio


                  Jill Morrisons

Click above for convention report and images