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Barbie 50th Anniversary Celebrations 

Barbie celebrated her 50th year in 2009,instead of growing old gracefully like the rest of us she is experiencing a 'Benjamin Button' moment - she has never looked so good ! indeed a major achievement for a plastic doll,most dolls if lucky run about 10 years at the most.


Barbie celebrates 50 years of being a legend and a fashion icon, pop culture princess as well as being an inspiration to many around the world. She is the best selling doll in history by far and one of the finest icons representing the 20th century. She has had numerous changes in styleand overall look which has helped Barbie to keep up with current fashion and artistic trends this is why she remains so popular today.


For Barbies big day Mattel planned many exciting colourful events around the world, In New York she was celebratedby 50 designers in a fashion show were models showed of outfits inspired by Barbie this was all part of the New York fashion week.
















In Malibu a lifesized version of her beach side dream house was presented to the world and of course the media this project was the brainchild of Jonathan Adler there was also a beach party,and in London Hamleys toy store had a fashion show with Barbie look-a-like models wearing Barbie-esq outfits, Including a dress designed by a Northumberland designed who had previously designed for Mattel there was a special presentation window dedicated to Barbies 50th birthday.













Barbie 50th Anniversary New York Fashion Week Double click on box for video


Malibu Dream House Double click on image above for video footage

In China a huge Barbie store was opened in the city of Shanghai and has many rave reviews about its size and contents more Barbies than anyone can handle infact every Barbie ever produced, why they decided on china as the venue for this huge venture is beyond me most chinese still don't relate and she has limited nostalgic appeal and to what Barbie is and what she represent's and the average wage is well below some of the prices being charge for Barbie anyway it was situated there for a reason maybe the success of this store may lead to other stores opening in Europe London would be great as its a reconised capital of fashion lets wait and see what the future brings for sure this store has the total appeal of Barbie and everything about her what better could you pay in a way as a tribute to Barbie in her 50th year,we will let you decide.


Barbie Store Shanghai Cnina Opened 2009 Double click on the above images for video footage 

In Sydney Australia Barbies 50th Anniversary was celebrated with a 2.1 metre birthday cake which was displayed on the steps of the first fleet steps at the  botanic Gardens and too add an exibition charting the history of the toy with examples of the doll from the past and present collections Australians really did show there appretiation for Barbie in such a special way that was not too much over the top like some of the world wide celebrations, there was also an exibition in Melbourne celebrating 50 years of a pop culture icon.


Other activities that took place included a fashion programme at the 2009 London Fashion Week, and a limited edition adult collection was launched at Colette in Paris on March 10th 2009 to add a full sized Barbie box was used as a widow design.

Mattel also sponsored fashion shows by two leading female designers

on display 50 Barbie dolls inspired by their own collections also to add a website was launched on March 9th 2009 this was designed to show all the celebrations from around the world 


















As well as the press coverage and fashion shows there was also the launch of a cosmetic range from major company MAC this range was called All Doll'd Up Make Up Collection. commemorative books were also published one major publication was by publisher

Assouline and Becker and Mayer also a publication apaptly called 'All Doll'd Up,many other

publications where also released during her anniversary year you should be able to find

most if not all on the Amazon site or also through reputable fashion doll retailers.




















Hotel chocolate also joined the celebrations by releasing a 50th anniversary celebration box of chocolates.

On the doll front a 50th anniversary Glamour doll range was released and also a collection of six of the all time favourite Barbies was issued these included a Superstar Barbie as Illustrated below. 


Barbie Presentation Colette Fashion Store Paris Double click logo above for more details

Barbie Cosmetic range by M.A.C. advertising artwork / All Doll'd Up: Double click M.A.C. logo for details

Barbie Celebrations in Australia Double click on the boxes to your right


Barbie 50th Anniversary 2009-2010 Doll releases - Double click on image's for details of the complete collection

Barbie 50th Anniversary New York Fashion Week Double click on image


Barbie 50th Anniversary Limited edition chocolate collection from Hotel Chocolate Double click on logo above


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