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Audrey Hepburn - Fashion style icon  By Rosina Haskell


Not so long ago an auction was held in London to sell a comprehensive collection of clothes and accessories that had once belonged to one of my favourite film and fashion icon's Audrey Hepburn. The collection was owned prior to the auction by a close friend of Audreys who use to recieve her unwanted items by the box load over the years the items on sale ranged from 1953 to the late 1960s.


The collection of 36 items a mixture of personal items and some that also appeared in some of her films such as 1966 - 'How to steal a million' - 1967 - 'Two for the road' - and 1962 - Paris when it sizzles, Included were also cocktail dresses, evening gowns, hats, belts, bags, and Tweed coats,and suits and also her wedding dress that was especially made for her wedding to James Hanson in 1952, but it never got worn. Audrey asked that it be given away to a pretty improvished bride to be. Some of the items at this auction without a doubt had a history behind them apart fom the bride's dress, For instance - a green velvet cocktail dress she wore when she introduced her future husband Mel Ferrer in 1953. There was also a Yves Saint Laurent empire - waist gown in white cotton that she wore to her sons christening in 1970.

She had one or two similarly styled dresses, a hangover from her war and peace days perhaps, also on sale at this fascinating auction was a jade green velvet dome hat with tassles that she wore on a photo shoot for Vogue magazine. Audrey's favourite designer was Hubert De Givenchy but was also known to wear clothes designed by Valentino, Elizabeth Arden, but many of her personal and professional outfits were designed by Givenchy and some of her private clothes ended up on


screen or vice versa. A white point d'espirit bustier dress worn by our star Audrey Hepburn in the movie Love in the afternoon was also created in black this was something she did quite often with her favourite styles, the white version had been altered at the back to accommodate the new owners wider waist measurement.


Audrey had a very definitive style, she had a preferance for pastel colours, and the use of black and ivory and occasionally she wore brighter colours,as most people all ready know Audrey 5'7" tall and was very thing measuring 32, - 22, - 34, I did read somewhere that she grew up during the war years in Europe not eating very much so this lead to her life,she had an ideal figure and looked good in everything she wore and this set a precedent for many others,her style was that of minimalistic with clean and uncluttered lines a lot of items that went on sale at this auction reflected the kind of woman she was and her love for fashion this is the passion in life I admire her for and her films also without her films her fashion in the 50s and the 60s may well have been alot different if Audrey Hepburn had not made her mark in history.


Most of the proceeds from the auction, which was almost double the amount that was expected went to Audrey's Childrens Fund and also to UNICEF. it was aunique opportunity to see beyond the famous screen image. I managed to obtain a copy of the auction catalogue which showed the items in great detail and with a informative article to describe each and every outfit in detail,I have now started reproducing these outfits for my Audrey Hepburn dolls all from this catalogue.  


As you can see we have included a weblink that shows you the catalogue in detail you will see for yourselves

how wonderful a tool and guide it has been to recreate Audreys outfits,I hope that you too find it a useful and informative tool, therefore we recommend that members or non members who love Audrey Hepburn fashion and enjoy making her outfits for there dolls like I do send there creations to us in the form of images and articles so that we can compile a tribute and a celebration section to                                        Audrey Hepburn the ultimate Fashion style icon.


Mattel have produced a very accurate reproduction of Audrey Hepburn and the outfits that come with her are not bad either but I would much rather make my own, there have been many other manufactures who reproduce this fashion icon but the Mattel doll is very true to her likeness in every way, look at the images we have supplied and decide for youselves this doll has to be one of the stand out reproductions of a movie actress that has been released in recent years. 


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Audrey Hepburn has been immortilised in Pop art for many years and her image has been viewed in many forms the most famous being from scenes of the Breakfast at Tiffanys movie,she has also been the subject of many Graphic Design projects just look at her face it just states too you that your looking at one of the worlds greatest fashion style icons, millions of prints like the ones above are sold every year and adorn many a living room, bedroom, resteraunt, Bar's etc etc, majority of the most famous prints are those which feature the strong Andy Wharhol style this was also applied to image of Marilyn Monroe with great success.

Audrey Hepburn will be forever immortilised in this way and her performance in Breakfast at Tiffanys seems to be the most pivitol and the most captured on film and on canvas well thats my own personal opinion anyway, I find her whole style has given me as a fashion doll collector much inspiration over the years with regards to dress design there seems to be a little piece of Audrey Hepburns style thrown in everytime I create an outfit for my fashion doll collection that little black dress has a lot to answer for wouldn't you agree.................. 


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