Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain

Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain 

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material has  been put together,using and collating many years of experiance and numerous informative contacts in this field hopefully we will try to have every aspect covered making this website a vital information facility for all fashion doll collectors old and new. 


Rosina's Fashions is a new facility that has been constructed and developed by our club secretary Rosina Haskell to supply custom made fashion doll outfits that have that touch of class and unique appeal and without doubt that passion for making sure your fashion dolls look there best at all times Rosina strives to give each and every outfit she designs its own individuality and style and she will even design and construct outfits of your own personal taste's to find out more visit this site or email by following the links supplied on this site you will not be dissappointed please feel free to access this site by clicking on the box below.


For many years now we have been producing a quarterly magazine dedicated to bringing fashion doll collectors information reviews etc on all aspects of fashion doll collecting well now the Fashion doll collectors club of great britain has moved into the techniclogical age and decided to create and bring this magazine feature to you online this enables us to have a wider scope for producing bigger and more colurful articals and fashion doll reviews and it will help to spread the word about our club and the passion we have for fashion dolls.


Welcome to the fashion doll collectors club of great britain you are about to come into our world and experiance the passion we have for collecting fashion dolls and understand why we love every aspect of collecting fashion dolls come on in share the passion this website and all its


She was the fashion doll that started it all for us all those years ago therefore it is only fitting that the Fashion doll collectors club of great britain dedicates an entire section to this great fashion icon now in her 50th year and still going strong she will always play a very big part with this club as without her we would not be here,we hope you enjoy this section once again happy birthday Barbie,also you can access the official Barbie 50th anniversary site by clicking on the box to your left and check out the excellant informative video guides this facility has everything covered from an official point of view  but we still love it "check it out".............................


Kensington Antiques Arts And Fashion Doll Fair

Kensignton Town Hall

Horton Street


W8 7NK


Sunday 22 nd May 2011

Sunday 4th September 2011

Sunday 20th November 2011

Doors open 10.30am to 4.00pm

Admission Adults £           Children


8th May 2011

Cromwell Doll Fair Vina Cooke Musuem 

Cromwell Nr Newark NG23 6JE 



For futher details contact

Judy Bebber

P.O. Box 75


YO15 3YZ

Telephone 01262 677775














Fashion Doll Collectors Club Of Great Britain

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Below we have included a collection of useful website links that we find can aid and give your informative and sometinmes bizaar information relating to collecting fashion dolls click on any of the links below for yourself and explore what hidden treasures are out there you will be very amazed at the results we certainly where, we do remind you that some of the content may be adult related at times so all minors should seek adult consent before viewing these sites.  

    May 9th 2010 Convention Annoucement

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New Products For Summer / Autumn2010


This new product will be tested and reviewed by us in the coming months so keep checking in for reports and updates on these or any other fashion dolls that will be released in the coming months.

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New Products For Winter / Spring 2011


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